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Kumapit ka tuwing Lunes- Peryodiko

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    Kumapit ka tuwing Lunes- Peryodiko
  2. ailynp2 answered: well, for two mondays in a row, i have experienced arriving at the office 2 hours late. and i really hate it..
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  4. jedeliquina said: ayus yung kanta ah anghabaa pero kewl, relax ang feeling :O
  5. panjeeandherlife answered: nervous cause it is the first day of classes :s
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  7. tenshiangel answered: nakakabadtrip! pero okay naman kahit paano
  8. aurdheeyhang answered: Im not oen of them.. ahihi.. im starting to miss my clasmatess huhuhu hope to be back to school soon!!^^
  9. thewingedman answered: rough…very…toxic…
  10. iamanaviii answered: GREAT! nkaenrol na koh!!! :)
  11. missonceagain answered: tiring but worth it c”,)
  12. fahra answered: my freshman in was fine..though i’m a little bored…i had fun meeting new friends and MIAMI HEAT won,..peace:)
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  14. shockabsorberemi answered: Toxic as always and Dallas lost :( But still happy at least I still had a Monday (: Hindi gaya ng iba, di na sila nagigising diba. :D
  15. louielabsyu answered: aus lng amn msya!!
  16. loveholichick answered: back to school mode..hahaha!
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  18. rebongmariakathrina answered: so-so, but i feel sick…
  19. rosemiee answered: ok naman po. .
  20. beavintumblr answered: soooo happy :))
  21. loveowen answered: so far, so good!
  22. guiroypooogi answered: amerika
  23. lakwatsadora answered: I’m still tired
  24. chroniclesofalazyfantard answered: My Monday’s so full of boredom.
  25. talesofliberty answered: not good. first day of class. pfft.
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  27. insanismism answered: N0t s0 g00d too.
  28. akosiaruray answered: BORING:))
  29. mheiineth answered: nothing
  30. ilovekanin answered: huhu dapat daw hindi counted yung 3 points ni chalmers nung 1st quarter e, nagkamali referee. oh well.
  31. iamsani answered: just great! heat won. HAHA. :P